2022 China Gifts and Household Products Exhibition

  cum Mid-Autumn New Product Promotion Conference Zhengzhou Station

  Time: August 6, 2022 Venue: Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Longzihu Academic Exchange Center

  Activity overview:

  With the improvement of people's living standards in recent years, the demand for gifts in the central region    has shown a rapid growth trend. At present, Henan is the largest gift consumer market in China. As the   provincial capital of Henan Province, a national central city and an important transportation hub, Zhengzhou has accelerated urban construction, optimized investment environment, and adjusted industrial structure under the support of the state. In the next few years, as the leader of the Central Plains urban agglomeration, Zhengzhou's GDP will exceed 2 trillion, attracting many Fortune 500 and domestic leading enterprises to settle down, and the city's siphon effect will be further enhanced, which will undoubtedly drive the rapid development of the gift industry.

On the occasion of the 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival, the Organizing Committee of Shanghai Gifts and Home Furnishings Exhibition has integrated advantageous resources and specially held the "2022 China Gifts and Household Products Exhibition and Mid-Autumn New Product Promotion Conference Zhengzhou Station", which is a gift channel wholesaler in central China, Distributors, traditional retailers, online distributors and corporate customers offer market-selected products and brands from across the country. On the premise of mutual benefit and win-win results, we will help gift companies to quickly open up new channels to increase sales. At the same time, it also helps high-quality buyers to achieve efficient procurement, and effectively assists the supply and demand sides to achieve efficient trade docking.


  Shanghai International Gifts and Household Products Exhibition Organizing Committee

  Shanghai Yahui Exhibition Co., Ltd.

  Exhibition schedule:

  Registration time: August 5, 2022 (09:30-17:00)

  Exhibition time: August 5, 2022 (13:00-18:00)

  Exhibition time: August 6, 2022 (09:30-16:30)

  Dinner time: August 6, 2022 (17:30-20:30)

  Estimated scale: 200 exhibitors, 300 booths, 10 product presentations

  Scope of exhibition:

  Business gifts, promotional items: gifts, promotional advertisements, customized promotional items, stationery and stationery, paper and paper products, festive items, clocks, ceramics, crystal and glass products, fashion accessories, hang tags/badges, advertising prints, Luggage, leather goods, shopping bags, packaging bags and gift packaging products, etc.

Household products: various household products such as home textiles, towels, storage products, plastic products, cleaning products, tableware, disposable degradable products, kitchen utensils, decorations, etc.

Small home appliances and mobile electronics: kitchen appliances, living appliances, personal care appliances, beauty care appliances, mobile electronics, consumer electronics, smart wear, etc.

Welfare gifts: tea, wine, rice, noodles, oil, local specialties, healthy food, organic food, snack food, imported fresh food and products that can be exchanged for gift cards, etc.

Trendy toys and figure models: figure models, trendy toys, animation and IP derivatives, manufacturers (OEM), manufacturers (ODM), licensees and retailers, pendants, ornaments, e-commerce platforms, figures Manufacturers, model companies, toy companies, etc.

Guochao cultural and creative categories: IP brands such as various handicrafts, artworks, stationery, cultural tourism, museum cultural and creative products and their derivatives, handmade creativity, fashion art and creative ceramic products, etc.


  On-site product display stand: 4800 yuan / piece (including 2 nights of free accommodation + lunch)

New product introduction meeting: 20,000 yuan / 30 minutes per session

On-site advertising: billboards: 5,000 yuan, gate advertisements: 20,000 yuan, roll-up banners 1,000 yuan/2 pieces, badge ads: 10,000 yuan/1P, handbag ads: 20,000 yuan/10,000/piece


  Sponsorship for the title of the dinner: 60,000 yuan, all external publicity materials are presented, including a 30-minute product promotion meeting, the title of the dinner and the opening speech, one on-site billboard, four display stands, one door advertisement, and a chest Sign advertising, tote bag advertising.

Gift sponsors of the dinner party: Recruit several gift sponsors for the active atmosphere of the scene. The organizing committee will provide the sponsoring companies with sponsor logo exposure, sponsor product introduction, and a public account promotion article.

  Exhibition Highlights:

  1. VIP Invited VIP Program

Arrange targeted invitations for the top 3,000 influential and purchasing gift buyers in Central China, and provide buyers with free accommodation;

  2. Efficient interactive platform

Appreciation dinners, new product launches, promotion meetings, gathering professionals in gift manufacturing terminals and other fields, sharing the latest trends and fashion topics in the gift market throughout the process, and using this to find new hotspots in the development of the industry and witness the new forces of change in the gift industry.

  3. Combine boxing propaganda to maximize the effect of the event

In terms of online audience invitation, after 20 sessions of CGHE Huali Exhibition, the database has more than 700,000 professional audiences, and the call center team has planned one-to-one direct invitations throughout the year. In terms of self-media publicity, the organizing committee has established a publicity system for the exhibition through various methods such as the official website, WeChat public account, Xiaohongshu, Douyin, Toutiao, Weibo, precise advertising, express direct mail, and mail, and strive to achieve the greatest effect of the event. change.

  4. The exhibition sets up your invitation, I pay for the event

In the early stage of the exhibition, an exclusive buyer invitation letter will be made for each exhibitor. All invited buyers can receive free gift vouchers and lunch vouchers. Companies that invite the most professional audiences can enjoy on-site advertisements and cash prizes.

  Visiting group:

  *Gift company, public relations planning company, advertising company, creative design company, library and     living library (mainly in central China)

  *Agents, distributors, wholesalers, retailers (mainly in Central China)

  *Department stores, supermarkets, community group purchases, boutiques, franchised chain stores, home life  museums

  *Online mall, online distribution, online celebrity selection, cross-border e-commerce

  *Product designers, high-end consumers

  * Major star hotel buyers, villas and other high-end properties and real estate developers, etc.

  * Major private clubs, high-end clubs, personalized restaurants, personalized stores, etc. in the central part

  *Central tourism authorities and buyers of scenic spots

  *Banks, insurance, securities, decoration companies, multinational companies, group companies, hospitals,       auto4S shops, etc.


  Exhibition notice:

  The 21st Shanghai International Gifts and Household Products Exhibition

  When: December 1-3, 2022

  Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

  contact us:

  Shanghai Yahui Exhibition Co., Ltd.

  Contact: Jiang Tengfei 13681789769

  Tel: 021-33730859

  Website: www.gift-expo.com